AMALA Investment Advisors SL  is an entity incorporated in March, 2021 in Madrid, Spain as a boutique advisory firm specialized in assisting international companies in identifying appropriate partners and talent in India for developing software code for AI as well as for setting up data centers and undertaking digital transformation. The Company’s Indian arm, established in 1995, has long advised Spanish, French and Italian companies in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors and now is leading in advisory on e-mobility solutions and the green transition in India. With 25 years of  experience in India, our team is well placed to connect global companies with the companies, resources and talent in India which they need in order to compete in this new age of AI.

The company is comprised of a team of people with different backgrounds and specialties all of whom have worked and lived for years in both India, Spain, the U.S. and England and bring decades of expertise in the technology space to the company.  Our team members have deep experience as  specialists in government acquisitions of technology and as legal/regulatory experts.

Hacking The Success Code

Autor: R Srinivasan

Hacking The Success Code : How To Achieve Success That Actually Makes You Happy (English Edition) Versión Kindle

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the value system of people who were focused on their careers alone. With health becoming a key determinant of well-being and earlier ways of doing business changing rapidly, people have been forced to revaluate their perception of reality.

Cracking The People Code

Autor: R Srinivasan

Cracking The People Code: How To Grow Your Value In The World Of Technology (English Edition) Versión Kindle

Are you a part of the corporate world and keen on putting your career on the fast track? If so, this book is for you and if you happen to be from the technology industry it is even better.

Focusing on your work alone is no longer a recipe for success. At the very least you need to develop a mindset for success, heighten your visibility, build your communication and client management skills, manage your relationships at your workplace and leverage your annual appraisal to fast track your career growth.


MARCH 02, 03, 2021

Digital Transformation: What Lawyers must know about Smart Contracts, Digital Services and Block Chain.

Recent technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT), big data, block chain, data analytics etc. have enabled global tech majors to harness the data obtained in data processing to deliver actionable business insights often converted into data products. This process known as...

webinar, spain india council foundation

NOVEMBER  05, 2020


Con el doble objetivo de conocer el estado del desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías en India y España, así como las posibilidades de establecer sinergias entre ambos países, la Cámara de Comercio Indo-Española, con la colaboración de la Fundación Consejo España-India...

UIAPODCAST #2 - Digital Tech

FEBRERO 24, 2021

UIAPodcast presentará a los oyentes el trabajo global de la UIA a través de entrevistas a sus miembros.

Una conversación con la brillante Aparna Viswanathan . Aparna es un abogado corporativo calificado en tres jurisdicciones (EE. UU., E&W e India). Un área de especialización para Aparna es el derecho tecnológico...

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